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Our Mission

Pursuing Global Graduation

Suitcases Equal Academics' mission is to support at-risk students in impoverished communities around the world to obtain their high school education.

We strive to partner with parents and caregivers to educate their children through direct support (books, supplies, uniforms, etc.) and financial assistance.

We believe education is key to lifting an individual out of poverty, increasing their income, and ultimately affecting change in their families and communities.

Our Story

Suitcases Equal Academics (S.E.A.) is the manifestation of a dream to serve the most vulnerable children of society by providing a future of opportunity through quality extended education. Our founder, Lisa Ghigliazza, had previously worked in Ghana as Vice President for a local community based organization. During this tenure, Lisa saw first-hand how important education was in preventing child slavery and poverty, and her direct connection to Ghana and its children would become the focus for the creation of S.E.A. following a revisit to that country in 2021.


We have traveled and worked all over the world and the one thing we have always been drawn to are the children of the country. Children have hopes and dreams of making positive change in the world. We believe children hold the future of the world in their hands. However, without access to a quality education in a safe and healthy environment, children are subjected abuse, exploitation, childhood marriage, early pregnancy, and destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. Something as simple as a suitcase full of school supplies can give hope to these children and open the door to an education. From this principle, Suitcases Equal Academics strives to provide at-risk students with the tools they need to succeed.  

Our Vision & Values

Suitcases Equal Academics envisions a world where all children have equal access to a quality education in a safe and healthy environment so they can reach their full potential and create change in their communities and the world.


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Meet The Team

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