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Lisa Ghigliazza

Lisa’s career spans the globe working in human services, education, and nonprofit management. Having been a social worker in Michigan and New York, she has worked with abused women, children, and members of the LGBTQ community. Her desire for equality for all people has been her driving force in seeking justice, equality, affordable housing, physical and mental healthcare treatment, and equal access to education for the most vulnerable of society.


In Uganda, Lisa worked for a grassroots CBO as a Program Coordinator for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program and as the Director of a school in a remote community. She saw first-hand how the lack of access to education and services directly affected young people living with physical and emotional challenges.


In Ghana, Lisa served as the Vice President of a local nonprofit whose mission was to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate children who had been enslaved in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. Her roll included working with staff, community leaders, and other CBOs to end child slavery in Ghana. Lisa was also responsible for program development, implementation, and measurements; grant writing, advocacy, financial accountability, and developing partnerships with both local and international organizations. In Ghana, Lisa witnessed the extreme poverty of the coastal communities and the lack of education which were driving forces for the growth of child slavery.

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