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Farewell Ghana

Two months flew by rather quickly and before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my Ghanaian friends old and new. A lot was accomplished in these past two months - villages were visited, contacts were made, and surveys were done. I learned a little Fante, a language spoken in the Central Region, and practiced speaking it in the markets, at meetings, and walking along the road. This visit, more than any other time, I really got to know the people. I asked a lot of questions and listened intentionally to the answers. In my travels, I have found people are more than willing to share their history, culture, and stories with you if you are interested in hearing them. Ghana was saying to me, "We are a strong, proud, peaceful, and hopeful people. We love our country and want to work together to build a better life for everyone. We believe in the power of our youth and the hopes they have for their future. We value our history and the richness of the many cultures which make up Ghana. Come, get to know us and you will love us." Well, I have come to know and love Ghana and its people, culture, and history. I believe in the power and potential of their youth and their desire to get a quality education. It is the hope they have for their futures and the dreams they hold in their hearts which make them determined, against all odds, to continue their education.

SEA is committed to partnering with the youth of Ghana, to help them realize their dreams and reach their full potential. And so for now, it is farewell Ghana. I look forward to the next time we greet each other with hugs and smiles.

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