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Our First School Partnership

The first school our Founder decided to partner with was Infant Jesus Senior High School in Ghana.

Founded by the Nuns of The Society of the Infant Jesus, whose mission is to provide a quality education to at-risk students in Gomoa-Nyanyano, which is an isolated fishing community in the Central Region of Ghana. Gomoa-Nyanyano is situated about 10km from the main Accra- Cape Coast road.

Gomoa-Nyanyano has only one Primary and one Junior High school but no Secondary school in the community to facilitate educational continuity to Vocational School, Technical School or University. This lack of a High School education in the area has increased the likelihood of teenage pregnancy, early marriage, and even prostitution for girls; while most boys move to big cities, like Accra, in search of non-existent jobs only to end up joining gangs, committing armed robbery, and turning to drugs.

Through the generosity of an Irish charity the Nuns received money to build the first four classrooms, offices, and toilet facilities and the school opened in 2011 with just five students. An additional 12 classrooms were built by the efforts of the local Sisters of the Society of The Infant Jesus. Since then, the school has graduated over three hundred students.

Currently, the school offers three course tracks, Home Economics, General Arts, and Business. In the future, they plan to add more course tracks such as General Science and Visual and Performing Arts.

Unfortunately, student enrollment has gone down as parents cannot afford to send their children to Senior High School and there is no free government high school in the area. That is where the work of S.E.A. comes in - our partnerships with parents and caregivers assist them with the expenses of sending their child to high school.

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