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She Never Says Can't

I've never me a more positive and encouraging person with a can-do attitude, than Sister Agatha, our Director of Operations in Ghana. From the first moment I met her I knew we would become friends. Every call I have with her is a blessing and encouragement to me. Sister Agatha never says no to anything required of her, from doing a community demographic, creating a list of students in-need, to emailing me pictures of the students or school. She is happy to do it all because her heart is truly focused on the mission. Agatha loves the children of Ghana and wants to see all children have the opportunity to get a good education. She is never "not" busy, from sun up to after the sun goes down you can find her teaching, mentoring, praying with and for everyone, and being an encouragement to her fellow nuns. She is an invaluable member of the S.E.A. team.

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