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Ways to Support Our Work

There are 3 main ways to get involved immediately by giving. Project Suitcases provides the required supplies the students need, while Student Sponsorship pays for the tuition and boarding costs of one student for a year. You can also give money separately to help students with additional needs through our General Giving project.

Take a look below and click on a sub-project to give directly, or use the following form to setup a recurring donation.

If you are a corporate sponsor, you can contact our CEO directly via email at:

Become a Monthly Donor

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Project Suitcase

Textbooks & School Supplies Case – $100.00


This Suitcase provides all necessary school supplies, notebooks, textbooks, paper, pens, pencils, and uniforms.

Student Sponsorship

Sponsor a Student – $500.00

This sponsorship provides one full year of school academics and may include any of the following costs: tuition fees, room and board, exams, books, uniforms, school supplies, athletic fees, dispensary fees, library and technology fees, and extra-curricular activities. Sponsors can choose to fund a student for one year or all years of a student’s academics, via a monthly donation.

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General Giving

General Student Support – *Any Amount

The purpose of this Cash Suitcase is to provide money for general student support, the purchase and transport of school supplies to students, provide for student academic environment improvement, school lunches, and/or other student needs as determined by SEA. This money may also be used at the discretion of SEA for such expenses as administration costs, required licenses, visas, travel and shipping documents, and other fees, etc.

Corporate Sponsorship

The purpose of this level of sponsorship is to provide an avenue for our corporate sponsors to donate on a larger scale enabling S.E.A. to fund bigger projects, more students, and to branch out to other areas of need (such as educating students living in refugee camps).


If you’d like to partner with us at this level, please contact our CEO, Lisa, personally at:

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